Why you need to integrate your live chat software with your CRM

There’s something special about local stores. They know their customers. They’ve established relationships with them. The storekeepers even know about their customers’ personal lives to a fair extent.

They know each customers’ preferences and are even able to make recommendations based on what they know would work best for that customer.

But large businesses operate at scale. They’re not able to deliver such a degree of personalization. At least, they weren’t until now.

As a large business, you can now personalize at scale when you integrate your live chat software with your CRM.

Why you need to integrate your live chat software with your CRM

Here’s how integrating live chat with your CRM helps your business:

Create new leads automatically

Every single person whom your agents chat with has the potential to become a customer; why waste it?

When you integrate your live chat system with your CRM, you can automate the creation of leads and contacts. All the contact information collected during the live chat can be transferred directly to the CRM and leads can be created without you manually entering the information.

The powerful thing about Engati Live Chat is that in addition to collecting the name and email address of the end-user, it pulls their location and IP address to. This could even help you sort leads according to regions.

Helps understand customers better

When you integrate your live chat and CRM systems, you gain a deeper, clearer understanding of your customers.

You have all the information, clearly visible in one place. This helps you understand the customers — their needs, wants, goals and pain points.

You’ll understand what drives them, but more importantly, you’ll get a clearer picture of the roadblocks.

Since you’ll also have access to the chat transcripts, you’ll be able to see what’s currently stopping them from going ahead with your offerings. Now you have the opportunity to get rid of those roadblocks and make it easier for them to work with you.

Builds customer trust

Now that you understand your customers better, you can help them personally. You can guide them and recommend products and services that are suited to them and solve their problems.

It becomes less about you and more about them. You can personalize to a greater extent.

And now that you’re looking out for them, they’ll trust you more. They’ll see your agents less as salespeople and more as advisors.

Speeds up the sales cycle

Now that you’ve got them to trust you, you already know that it’s going to be much easier to get them to buy from you.

If you’ve used the information available to you to build a relationship, the sale comes much easier, and much quicker.

You’ll even be able to send your leads personalised, tailored campaigns that they can relate to, rather than sending the usual, generalized campaigns that won’t really strike a chord with anyone.

Enhances the customer experience

Live chat alone can dramatically improve your customer experience. But when integrated with your CRM, it puts you in another league.

Now you have their purchase history, chat history and all other information in one place. Since your agents won’t have to hop across multiple systems to serve your customers, they’ll be able to resolve issues much faster.

If your customers are reaching out to you to solve a problem, they’re already frustrated. They expect an answer fast. They don’t want to spend any extra time answering questions that they believe you should already have the answers to.

They’ll have context from past conversations, and know which of your offerings your customers have purchased, so your customers will have fewer questions to answer.

Increases customer loyalty

When you personalize the experience and genuinely guide your customers, they’re going to look at it more as a relationship than a transaction. As I mentioned earlier, in their eyes, you’ve gone from being a salesperson to an advisor. They can tell that you have their interests in mind and you’re not just trying to fill a quota.

Multiple studies have shown that customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. It’s what makes them stick around. It increases their lifetime value.

Want to know what’s even better?

Customers enjoy talking about good experiences. They gain satisfaction by sharing these experiences in their circles. So, you’re not just retaining customers by integrating live chat with your CRM; you’re indirectly acquiring new customers too.

Engati Live Chat

Create amazing experiences for your customers and increase your sales by integrating Engati Live Chat with your CRM.

Register here for free.

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Reimagine your customer journey with Engati!

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Reimagine your customer journey with Engati!

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