Why you need Engati’s chatbots and live chat for your telecom company

Ready to augment your customer support with the power of chatbots and live chat? Here’s why Engati is the best choice for your telecom company:

What can you do with Engati?

Here’s what Engati helps you do:

Provide support across multiple regions in 54 languages.

With both of Engati’s modules, you can engage with and support customers at scale, across regions, in their own language.

Only 26% of netizens understand English, so it’s very important to reach them in the language they are comfortable with.

In fact, they want to be engaged in their own language so badly, that, according to the Harvard Business Review, 56% of customers would actually pay more if they could receive information in their own language.

With Engati, you get to support them in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German, and 48 other languages, in addition to English.

Increase support agent productivity

Our power-packed combination of chatbots and live chat ensures that your live agents work in a more efficient manner.

They won’t have to deal with the frustration of answering the same question over and over again. 80% of customer queries tend to be repetitive and monotonous. These can be handled by chatbots so that your agents deal with the more complex questions that warrant their attention.

Now, your agents will have the chance to answer these complicated questions in a better manner, rather than simply rushing them along because they have another 17 customers waiting to get their issues resolved.

And, to make it even better, they can converse with multiple customers simultaneously. Try doing that over a phone call ;)

Share policies, plans, T&C, etc.

You can even share documents over the chat channels. This allows you to share policies with your clients without forcing them to visit your website.

It even allows you to send plans for them to choose from. It could essentially turn into a catalog for you, right over the channel your customers choose to chat on.

Our DocuSense technology even helps you answer questions by picking up the relevant matter from the documents that you upload, making it much easier for you to train your bot.

Verify documents

Getting documents verified while your customers applied for SIM cards used to be quite a tedious process.

Now, with our file upload node on our chatbots, your customers can upload their official documents securely to the chatbot and you can verify them directly from there.

This could dramatically reduce the time and effort your customers spend on verification and even help them get their SIM cards faster.


Telecom companies have been calling customers to upsell their services for a while now. But, nobody really wants to get on a call for that. Most of the time, the customers just say that they’re not interested and hang up.

This is partly because a phone call requires them to invest their time and attention, two of their most precious resources.

They don’t even want to get interrupted by a phone call.

But, if you upsell via an innovative chatbot, you have a greater chance of getting the sale. This is because reading messages takes much less time than listening to an agent on a call.

The bot’s analytics even allow you to understand them in a deeper fashion and personalize your pitch.

Facilitate payments

Imagine if your customers could just pay their bills over WhatsApp. Sounds pretty convenient, right? They wouldn’t have to navigate your website or even download your mobile app (who needs another app?).

We made it possible. They can now make payments directly over the chat channel they prefer.

You can send them their bills and invoices over the chatbot and have them pay directly from there, reducing customer effort and simplifying the customer journey.

They can even proactively buy pre-paid plans directly over the bot.

Benefits that Engati brings to telecom companies

Lower costs

Engati allows you to scale up your customer engagements at a lower cost. A. single bot can answer all your repetitive customer questions. That’s about 80% of your customer queries.

And, for those complicated ones which need the human touch, you have Engati Live Chat, which allows your customer support agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

Essentially, Engati makes it possible to serve way more customers than you could over phone calls, at a lower cost.

Higher revenue

Engati makes upselling a breeze. We make it possible for you to get your clients to upgrade their plans in a much easier fashion.

We make it easy for your customers to engage with you and do business with you. And, as Apple and Amazon have shown multiple times, sometimes making it easy is what counts the most.

Increased customer and employee loyalty

When you use Engati, your customers have more confidence in you. They know that you have their back and will always be there to support them. They’ll keep doing business with you, and they’ll even send other people from their circle to you.

But that’s not all. We even make your employees’ jobs much easier.

Your support team doesn’t have to deal with answering the same, routine, monotonous calls, again and again, every single day. You’ve set up a bot for that. Not. Only does it make their work easier, but it also saves them a whole lot of stress.

Creating great employee experiences like this is very important when it comes to reducing churn. Chatbot has a tool, not only has been playing a very crucial role in telecom but also proving its importance in other industries like real-estate.

A deeper understanding of your customers

Our rich analytics help you get into your customers’ minds and understand what they want. This will not only help you craft campaigns that they would relate to but also modify your offerings and create plans that they would actually want.

Case study: ananda

ananda is a 4G + data operator in Myanmar. They serve their customers over FB Messenger and Viber in English as well as Burmese.

Their bot is among the most heavily used chatbots built on the Engati platform. They use it to deliver promotions and offers to their customers. They even share information about network coverage, new data, and SIM plans and help customers find physical stores over their Engati chatbot.

ananda goes further by helping their customers top up their plans and make payments over their Engati chatbot.

Now it’s your chance

ananda serves their customers right with a combination of chatbots and live chat. Will you?

Get started with Engati Live Chat + automation right here. No credit card needed!

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