Why do you need to deploy an eLearning chatbot

Why should you use eLearning chatbots?

What are the benefits of eLearning chatbots?

1. Instant answers

2. 24/7 support

3. Increased student satisfaction

4. Staff gets to focus on higher value work

7 eLearning chatbot usecases

1. Admissions

2. Administrative queries

3. Notifications and reminders

4. Assignment submissions

5. Notifications and reminders

6. Sharing additional information

7. Doubling as an HR chatbot for your institute’s staff

eLearning chatbot best practices

1. Speak the language your students are comfortable with

2. Reach students where they want to be reached

3. Use a Oneview inbox

4. Pay attention to analytics

5. Keep training

6. Use chatbots and live chat

University of Rochester’s student wellness chatbot



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