Top 20 blogs to read about Artificial Intelligence before 2030

3 min readMay 31, 2022

How to drive business success and create marketing magic on WhatsApp
We’re showing you the best ways to run marketing campaigns and reach your customers in a more effective manner on their favorite touchpoint — WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp Message Templates?
WhatsApp message templates let you send notifications to users who haven’t texted your WhatsApp Business number in the last 24 hours. Here’s how you use them!

3 steps to implement Business Intelligence systems
Real-time data is the need of the hour for Business Intelligence. But are your systems holding you back? Here’s how to empower your organization with chatbots.

When surprise and delight becomes surprise without delight
Some surprises may not delight your customers. Shep Hyken warns you about the dangers of these and urges you to make sure that all surprises are appropriate.

Whitelabel Chatbot Partnership — How to invest in automation?
Why struggle to build a platform when you can use one that’s trusted in 186 countries? Explore the benefits of a white label chatbot and live chat platform here

Why business continuity planning just became the most important thing
Customer experience expert, and Titan of CX, Dan Gingiss addresses the sudden increase in the importance of business continuity planning triggered by pandemic.

Why is customer appreciation so important?
Customer appreciation is a step often neglected when developing a customer experience strategy. Here’s a guide on how to develop loyalty through appreciation.

Why customer experience metrics can backfire & how to avoid it
Steven Van Belleghem warns about the dangers of focusing only on customer experience metrics rather than paying attention to the strategy behind those metrics.

9 reasons why customers love Engati
Wondering which chatbot and live chat system will work best for you? Here are nine reasons why our customers love using Engati to boost engagement and retention

Why is data analytics imperative in product design?
Data analytics, when used correctly, can enable product designers to see things with clarity. Here’s how to implement a data-driven approach to product design.

Why do we need chatbots?
Chatbots have been proven to reduce wait times, increase customer engagement, and have become a valuable communication channel like email and phone calls.

Why nobody talks about creating chatbots from scratch anymore
Where has all the craze over building chatbots from the scratch gone? What could be the new technological advancement that’s made bot-making quick and easy?

Wikipedia does not tell you everything about making intelligent chatbots
Wikipedia won’t tell you everything you need to know about building chatbots that can engage seamlessly with your customers and employees, but this article will

Engati crowned winner of 2021 CODiE Awards for Best AI-Driven Technology Solution
We’re so proud to announce that Engati has won the title for the Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution of 2021 by the SIIA CODiE Awards.

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!
CX genius, Shep Hyken talks about the numerous ways in which you can serve your customers and why you should be ready to adapt your support to what they need.

50 Women CEOs slaying it in 2022
Women have come a long way and have a long way to go. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, the top 50 women CEOs who are setting examples for all!

Top 33 Inspiring Women in CX to follow for 2022
Presenting to you the TOP 33 Women in CX who have lead the way phenomenally and always strived to ensure the best customer experience for businesses.

Top 50 women in technology breaking barriers in the Tech industry
Engati has awarded the Top 50 Women who have changed the tech world and who are incredible leaders who inspire us to believe and create a brighter future!

7 Influential women of impact who changed the world
Women impact our lives in more ways than we know. Today, we’re celebrating these powerful wonder women & their achievements. They are our women of impact!

24/7 therapist chatbots are a new source of relief
These therapists are available 24/7. Chatbot therapists are extremely helpful, especially during the pandemic. See why people are turning to bots for support.

5 (out of the book) CX lessons from Zappos
Zappos has always been known for delivering amazing customer experiences. Here are the lessons you can learn from them and imbibe in your own company.