Top 20 Best Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022

3 min readJun 6, 2022

Everything you need to know about Serverless databases
Wondering what serverless databases are and whether it is even possible for databases to operate in true serverless mode? Here’s everything you need to know!

18 best chatbot platforms of 2022
Are you looking to build an artificially intelligent chatbot for your business? Here is a list of the best chatbot platforms for you to use in 2022!…

101 global Twitter influencers to follow for 2022
Engati has compiled a list of 101 global Twitter influencers who’ll help you nail your engagements and build your brand presence on Twitter. Follow them now!

25 Best Shopify Apps to Make Your Shopify Store Successful
25 best free Shopify apps to increase sales and be a successful owner, or If you’re just getting started with a new or looking to enhance your existing store.

What is In-Memory Cache? When & how to use it?
In-memory cache is the simplest cache as compared to other cache forms, where the system stores the data in a RAM/Internally, it is called in-memory caching.

Build your business’s martech stack in 7 steps
Trying to find the right marketing technologies when you build your business’s martech stack? Here’s what you need to know about designing your martech stack.

JavaScript Engine: All you need to know in 5 mins

The JavaScript Engine is an open-source computer program whose responsibility is to execute/run JavaScript, and reflect the results on the browser screen.

A quick guide to Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Software Configuration Management (SCM) provides a process for handling, organizing, and controlling the changes in the software project development lifecycle.

12 changes Elon would make if he bought these companies — Meme Edition
Elon’s bought Twitter to add an Edit button, stop content moderation, and make the algorithm open-source. Here are 12 other companies he should buy and change.

10 most useful features of React 16
React is a JavaScript-based library built and maintained by Meta (Facebook) used for creating user interfaces that are declarative, efficient, and customizable.

19 software development principles you need to know!
Whether you’re just getting started in the world of software design or you’re a veteran, you need to know and understand these software design principles.

The ultimate guide to websockets | Everything you need to know
Websockets are persistent connections that exist between clients and servers. A websocket offers you a bidirectional, full-duplex communications channel.

22 EdTech Startups Revolutionizing The Education Industry
A list of growing EdTech startups that are revolutionising the education industry, digitalising classrooms, helping instructures and are worth keeping an eye on

10 hacks to step up your logistics company’s customer experience
Just delivering orders on time isn’t good enough anymore. Your logistics company needs to deliver amazing customer experiences too. Here are 10 hacks for you!

MQLs v/s SQLs — What’s the difference, dammit?
How are MQLs and SQLs different? Which leads are more valuable? How do you turn the less valuable type into the more valuable type? Find out right here!

12 coding mistakes every software developer should avoid!
getting started as a developer? Trying to avoid the most common mess-ups? Smart move — here are the 12 most common coding mistakes that you should avoid.

Just launched: Grow your Shopify business with Engati
Engati launches an All-in-one engagement app for Shopify stores that transforms conversations to conversions powered by Conversational Automation & Intelligence

Old lead generation tactics are DEAD! Have you heard of Conversational Intelligence?
Conversational Intelligence and marketing is the new way companies can drive leads in a structured and targeted manner and turning conversation into conversion

Redis, Kafka or RabbitMQ: Which MicroServices Message Broker is the best?
Trying to pick a microservices message broker? Confused between Redis, Apache Kafka, and RabbitMQ? All three options are great choices for different usecases.

The future of retail is CI. But what the heck is CI?
Conversational Intelligence brings convenience and speed up the process of customer support, enhancing the customer experience for retail businesses.

So whats Microlearning really all about?
Microlearning is a technique for learning new knowledge in small increments and can be completed within five to ten minutes at the leisure of the learner.