Top 20 AI tech terms to read before 2025

2 min readJun 8, 2022

Statistical Language Modeling
Statistical Language Modeling is the development of probabilistic models that can predict the next word within any given sequence.

Computational learning theory
Computational learning theory (CoLT) is a branch of AI concerned with using mathematical methods or the design applied to computer learning programs.

Syntactic analysis
Syntactic analysis is an analysis relationship between words and focuses on understanding the logical meaning of sentences or of parts of sentences.

Forward Chaining
Forward chaining is a form of reasoning while using an inference engine. It is also called forward deduction or forward reasoning.

Language detection
In natural language processing, language detection determines the natural language of the given content taking computational approach to the problem

WeChat Chatbot
A WeChat bot works by recognizing keywords in content strings and utilizing rules that are hand-coded for reaction to various circumstances.

Mathematical optimization
Mathematical optimization is the selection of a best element, with regard to some criterion, from some set of available alternatives

White Label Software
White-label Softwares are generally unbranded fully developed Softwares resold by Saas companies after renaming and rebranding as their software.

Information Retrieval
Information retrieval is the process of obtaining information system resources that are relevant to an information need from a collection of resources

Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge engineering is a branch of AI that develops rules to apply to data, to simulate the judgment & thought process of a human expert.

Spatial-temporal Reasoning
Spatial–temporal reasoning helps robots understand & navigate time and space. It is useful for problem-solving and organizational skills.

Statistical Inference
Statistical inference is defined as the process of using data analysis to infer properties of an underlying distribution of probability.

Euclidean distance
Euclidean distance refers to the distance between two points in Euclidean space. It essentially represents the shortest distance between two points.

Lemmatization is a text normalization technique used in NLP to group the inflected forms of a word so they can be analyzed as a single item.

Chatbot Architecture
The heart of chatbot development is what we would call chatbot architecture. It changes based on the usability and context of business operations.

Customer experience as a service (CXaaS)
CXaas is a cloud-based customer solution that provides a flexible approach to customer experience by providing reliability and efficiency to customers

Pattern matching
In computer science, pattern matching is the process of checking a given sequence of tokens or data against a pattern and checking its presence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence
Narrow AI is goal-oriented and designed to perform singular tasks and is very intelligent at completing the specific task it is programmed to do.

Finite automata
The finite automata is an abstract computing device used for recognizing patterns. A finite automaton/machine has a finite number of states.

Space complexity
Space complexity is pretty much a measurement of the total amount of memory that algorithms or operations need to run according to their input size.

Vision processing unit
A vision processing unit (VPU) is a type of microprocessor aimed at accelerating machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.