The tech vision for your CX mission | Amas Tenumah | Engati CX

The tech vision for your CX mission — A video with Amas Tenumah

Using technology to further your CX mission

Since you have worked with various organizations, what is the one factor that most businesses fail to take into account while crafting customer experiences?

What are the key elements one should involve in creating the CX mission and does technology play a role in it?

Do you think the overall experience depends on the experiences at every single touchpoint or is it only based on a single, major moment (wow moment)?

How can AI, chatbots, and automation, in general, be used in making the customer journey seamless?

Customer profiles change when you have a global customer base, how should businesses plan the CX journey for such an audience?

Any other thoughts that you’d like to leave with our audience?

Create better experiences for your customers with well-built automation

Furthering your CX mission with tech- A Spotify Podcast with Amas Tenumah

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