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The tech in airlines is really taking off. Join us for a conversation with Shane Fogle, the Digital Product Owner at SeaTec Consulting on how aviation is using technology.

Shane is the Digital Product Owner at SeaTec Consulting Inc. He is a results-driven, focused, and disciplined executive leader who lives at the intersection of business and technology enablement. Shane is passionate about building collaborative and lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, and peers. As an avid collaborator and acknowledged disruptor, he leads and ensures successful delivery, implementation, and operationalization of multiple technologies and services by producing a highly collaborative environment with aligned goals and client satisfaction always at the forefront.

The Tech in Airlines — Shane Fogle on Video

The Tech in Airlines

This section summarizes our interview with Shane Fogle, but if you would rather listen to him, we’ve left a link to the podcast below.

How will the aviation industry recover post this pandemic? What major transformation will we see?

It’s going to take a long time for aviation to recover, according to Shane Fogle. First, we have to make the public aware and we have to gain their confidence. Unfortunately, we can’t really gain their confidence unless we see the development of a cure for coronavirus. So we won’t see a lot of flying for a long time. Firstly, it’s very difficult to maintain social distancing in commercial aircraft. And there’s the issue of the lack of a vaccination.

The time span to get back to normal seems unprecedented. Shane doesn’t see it bouncing back to the same level after the pandemic. After being in lockdown for over two months, a lot of people have learnt to work better remotely. In fact, many companies are now realizing that business travel can be avoided in the future.

There’s going to be an 80% comeback, but it’s going to take a minimum of 12 months before things bounce back. It is going to take a while to build this confidence.

How is technology and AI helping the customer experience in this industry?

It’s definitely improving customer experience in a positive way. You see this especially with brands like Delta. But from an AI perspective, the biggest opportunity is actually predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence operates airlines more effectively. Shane sees a lot of operators retiring in the future, a smaller fleet size as well. And that’s because AI does the job better. It’s better at predicting the weather for example. Decision-making regarding what flights to delay, what flight to cancel- AI makes these decisions faster than any human can. Going back to customer experience, as customer expectations increase, these decisions are expected to be made faster. And AI might be the tool the assists operators make these tough decisions.

Conversational Intelligence and chatbots especially are a huge benefit to a variety of industries, what is the current state of their adoption in aviation?

“It really does vary,” says Shane Fogle. It depends on the operators. You see certain operators being extremely customer-focused, whereas others are more commoditized. Shane has noticed that there’s a higher adoption rate of these new technologies with more customer-centric brands. There’s also a higher willingness to explore new ways to improve customer experience. Customer-centric operators are now finding ways to improve CX by using FAQ’s to track data.

They’re also looking at incorporating a database for travel history, frequent flier points, etc. Tracking and remembering this data builds a better relationship between us and the customer. The same cannot be said with enterprise operations.

Data is crucial for the survival of the aviation industry, what future capabilities will we see with AI and Technology?

From a CX side, we’re going to see a lot of uses of predictive analysis. It’s going to benefit customers. Predictive analysis is going to smoothen operations, like checking-in, for example. Facial recognition can speed up and streamline this process.

5G is also going to be the new worldwide standard. When was the last time you saw a boarding pass, for example? Operators and brands have to look for ways to accelerate and streamline these processes. Customer expectations are jumping, we have a responsibility to not only match their expectations but to go higher. Mobile applications also speed up the check-in process. And customers are loving it. They love this level of interaction, they love this self-service, and it helps with personalization at a greater level. It’s much easier to track, and this was never the case before.

So regarding WFH for tech professionals- can tactical work get done in these current times? Or is there a way to make innovation and strategic collaboration possible?

Regarding work from home, there has been a larger participation from colleagues working from home. Shane doesn’t think anyone expected that. By larger, development teams are liking what they see, and what we have happening right now. People have embraced technology, and there is more collaboration. In fact, it’s better than ever. A lot of people are finding that they can get a lot more accomplished from home. They’re working at hours they’re more comfortable with, and tools are enabling this. It’s very exciting.

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The Tech in Airlines — A Spotify podcast with Shane Fogle

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We hope you’ve learnt a lot about the Tech in Airlines with Shane Fogle. Engati Engage will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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