The perfect blog list for 2022

2 min readJun 10, 2022

Situation calculus
Situation calculus is a logic formalism that was designed for the purpose of representing and reasoning about dynamical domains .

Neural Style Transfer
Neural style transfer is an optimization technique that involves taking two images, a content image and a style reference image, and blending them.

Vanishing gradient problem
The vanishing gradient problem is a problem that you face when you are training Neural Networks by using gradient-based methods like backpropagation.

Scripting Language
A scripting language is a programming language that is interpreted. It is translated into machine code when the code is run, rather than beforehand.

WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business API empowers medium and large businesses to scale up their customer engagements and communication with direct API connections.

Automata theory
Automata theory deals with designing abstract computing devices to develop methods to describe and analyze the dynamic behavior of discrete systems.

Stepwise Function
A stepwise function (staircase function) is defined as a piecewise constant function or series of steps, that only has a finite number of pieces.

RESTful APIs are APIs that conform to the rules and constraints of REST architectural style and allow for interaction with RESTful web services.

A formula is satisfiable if there exists a model that makes the formula true. A formula is valid if all models make the formula true.

Real-Time Communication
Including Real-time communications (RTC) refer to any live telecommunications that occur without transmission delays, like voice and video chat, etc.

Dynamic programming
Dynamic programming is both a mathematical optimization method and a computer programming method and has applications in all fields .

MNIST Dataset
The MNIST database is a large database of handwritten digits that is commonly used for training various image processing systems.

Moments of truth
A moment of truth (MoT) is any interaction during which your customer can form an impression of your business, brand, or product.

Asymptotic Notation
Asymptotic notation describes algorithm efficiency & performance using the behaviour of time or space complexity for large instance characteristics.

Direct Import Shipping
Direct import shipping is a scenario in which a company buys products directly from a manufacturer or supplier in another country, without a middleman

Multidimensional scaling
MDS can be used to analyze & visualize the distances between objects, where the distance is known between pairs of these objects.

Skype Chatbot
A software program that is based on AI, which can be used to communicate with a user using Skype app as a channel is known as a Skype bot.

Request User Data node
Request User Data node enables the chatbot to read input from the user & save them as an attribute/entity, facilitating lead gen, personalization, etc

Communication model
A communication model is a pictorial representation of the communication process, ideas, thought, or concepts through diagrams, etc more simply.

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
Artificial Intelligence Markup Language makes it possible to create human interfaces keeping the implementation simple & easy to understand & maintain

Principle of Rationality
The Principle of Rationality, aka, Rationality Principle suggests that agents act in the most appropriate manner depending on the objective situation.