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In this episode of Engati Engage, Luis Suarez joins us in a discussion on how the business scenario is changing due to rapid digital transformation.

Luis Suarez works at panagenda as a Digital Transformation and Data Analytics adviser. A well seasoned Social / Open Business strategist and 2.0 practitioner with over 22 years of working experience on Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Learning, Online Communities and Social Networking for Business, he is currently focusing on helping organizations make the most out of their own change initiatives and digital transformation programs through making sense of their own data analytics visualizations.

Rapid Digital Transformation — Luis Suarez on Video

Rapid Digital Transformation

This section will contain a brief summary of our interview with Luis, but if you’d rather hear him speak, there’s a link to the Spotify podcast below.

How has the business landscape changed with technology and how significantly will it change post the pandemic?

We are all affected by the pandemic. So much has changed, especially the usage of digital tools. COVID-19 has accelerated this. It’s the first time we have access to all of this technology, so according to Luis-

There are no excuses for anyone to go back to normal. We have to use digital tools.

The business scenario has changed, and everyone has adapted, and adopted digital technology accordingly. Even the education sector has tranformed! Online resources are more easily accessible this days for everyone to learn and adapt. Right now, our priority is to ensure families are safe, so homeschooling is currently on the rise. Microsoft CEO, Nadela says a company’s digital transformation process typically takes up to five to ten years. New companies have transformed in a matter of two months. Everyone has gone online, and it is going to stay that way for a while.

The culture, the mindset, and the behaviour. Everything has tranformed with digital.

Regarding data-driven decision support for the workplace- What do you see are the critical gaps and the trends in organizations looking to leverage data?

Luis urges organizations to tap into their data to get actionable insights. The decision-making process has been mainly intuitive in the past- we make decisions based on hard feelings rather than facts. Or companies are relying on important decisions to be made by people who don’t have access to information. This needs to change. We need to have access to this data. We have to use data to make better decisions. And we must analyze data and get insights from it. According to Luis, the best decision-makers would be the people who have access to data firsthand- the IT department. IT should manage all data-driven decisions.

What are your thoughts on conversation intelligence for customer service? Do you see the adoption and growth of intelligent bot agents becoming a key differentiator?

In order to be successful, we have to look at customer needs, and address these needs through technology.

Everything goes back to technology. Companies find themselves asking:

“What’s in it for us? Why should we address digital transformation? How do we have the ability to transform?”

Which is why we’ve started to adopt more technologies like automation, chatbots, and AI solutions. Luis believes that technology is going to free humans up from doing mundane tasks. We have to build solid use cases so people can relate to technology. And we should not underestimate the power of analytics and data. We need to use data as a way to understand customer needs. We have to keep checking our data everything month. And we have to start understanding our customers with sentiment analysis, for example.

Customers should also be open to new technology and the ways companies are adopting it. Click To Tweet

Address Their Needs

As Luis says, in order to be successful, we have to address customer needs. And what better way to do that than with a chatbot? It’s faster, and more convenient. Get started with an Engati Chatbot today for FREE. No credit card required.

Rapid Digital Transformation — A Spotify Podcast with Luis Suarez

The rest of the interview goes over Luis’ initiative “NoEmail,” and how to make more effective communication platforms within organizations. We also discuss what companies need to focus on when developing an effective social media strategy.

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We hope you’ve learnt a lot about Rapid Digital Transformation with Luis Suarez. Engati Engage will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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