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Why Your Enterprise Needs On-Premise Software

Instead of getting your head stuck in the clouds, consider incorporating on-premise software into your platform.

On-premise software means that data is available on site, within your premises, as opposed to hosting it on a server, or on a data cloud. The company downloads the data behind its firewall.

So, what are the features of an on-premise solution? Why should you think about implementing it into your data system?


Other software do a fantastic job of implementing third-party applications into your software. But they don’t give you the flexibility you need for your solutions. Flexibility and customization are as per your vendor, not you. On-premise systems allow customizations for you to work your software into your current workflows.

Because data is available on the premises, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Take Control

Vendors have the freedom to make changes that your software is subject to. If there are issues on your vendor’s side, the changes will be reflected in your software. This lack of autonomy can be problematic as it makes you dependent on your vendor.

Having your software on-premises eliminates this problem. Your data is yours to control. You can alter it whenever you want to.


Your numbers are fluctuating, and you need a system that keeps up with that. The scalability of on-premise systems allows you to do so. Scaling not only vertically, but also horizontally allows you to remain optimized while keeping your data infrastructure agile, giving you a fast response time. Scalability also means that you will be provided with continuous maintenance and support.

Stay Connected using On-Premise software

Your data is connected locally, so there’s no need for the internet when the bot is used for internal purposes. Your data is fully available, even when your internet connection is not. This makes processes more efficient and increases productivity, so now you’re no longer dependent on WiFi to access your data.

Safe and Sound with On-Premise software

An on-premise solution can handle confidential data.

Because your software is not connected to an external network, your data stays secure. That’s reassuring. This allows you to put more sensitive data, like customer details, employee details, logistics, accounts, etc., into your platform.

You will have control over all security measures used for physical access control. That means you have a limit on who has access to your data at all times. Only the people who have access hold the power to configure, code, and manage your data.

And there is also no need for third-party security audits. So, no additional costs and you keep your information protected.

So no cyber attacks, no security breaches.


On-premise software offers security, flexibility to customize, scalability, and control; What more do you need?
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Originally published at https://blog.engati.com on March 13, 2020.

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