New Year’s With Engati!

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ith the New Year’s Eve fast approaching, we want to bid adieu to 2019 by thanking all our clients at Engati for making this year a big success for us.

It sure was an exciting year in which we-

  • Embraced new challenges to provide better user experience and support
  • Took competitive risks and initiatives to strengthen our relationship with clients, and
  • Even gave ourselves a make-over so that the new visitors find us more appealing

We would be delighted to know your feedback about the advancements. Help us know you and serve you better with this survey link!

Now, before we plan and craft our journey for 2020, we want to take this opportunity to take a delightful trip down memory lane.

A quick overview of 2019 before New Year’s

Our Milestones

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Bot marketplace

The biggest advantage of building a bot with Engati is that you don’t take much time to get started. The initial process is set up within 10 minutes and eventually you can focus on customisations as per your business needs.

We further wanted to speeden up the process because we want the business of our clients to increase with rapid growth.

Therefore, we introduced the Bot Marketplace. Businesses can download ready-to-use templates from the Bot Marketplace and get started with their own bot faster than ever.

We have covered 14 different industries and prepared bots under each of their category. For example- HR, Travel, Customer Support, Lifestyle, News, Games, Finance, Sports, Personal, Productivity and Utilities.

These templates have the most frequently used question-answer format that you can easily customise. Our New Year’s plan is to build this further.

Read all about it here

Bot Localization

English is regarded as the International language that binds all the nations together. However, you would be surprised to know that only 20% of the world population speaks English, or is at least comfortable speaking in English.

So, imagine catering to only 20% of your customer-base and neglecting the needs of the major chunk of 80%!

Language barrier, of course, is a huge problem and Engati decided to bridge the gap between businesses and potential customers with Bot Localisation.

With the Bot Localisation feature, we are now building multilingual bots for businesses and even enabling them to build multilingual bots.

You can even use the feature to associate FAQs in a particular language as preferred by your customers. As a result, the NLP engine will become language-aware and cater to a customer query depending upon the chosen language.

You can even customise synonyms and stop words in various languages. With numerous updates, the NLP engine improves for your business significantly.

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Conversational Modeler

To make conversation building smooth and easy, Engati brought the much-needed and acclaimed Conversational Modeler feature.

It streamlines the way in which you create customer journeys using responses that engage your customers.

It helps you define paths on conversations so that it is easier for you to build connections between questions and answers to maintain constant flow.

Website Revamp

By the time Engati became a global chatbot building platform we decided to give a makeover to our website.

This was to make sure that our website visitors find what they are looking for. We added customer testimonials, latest feature updates, and the brands with which we work. This is to help build trust among our customers and further strengthen our relationship with them.

We have created individual personalised pages for specific categories so that visitors don’t have to scroll through lengths of content to get to 1 particular piece of information.

Lastly, we are glad that our customers appreciate our efforts. This will definitely encourage us to keep getting better at what we do so that our customers experience only the best.

Read more about the revamp here


We have seen a tremendous amount of growth this year from website ranking, traffic, registrations, customer-base and our presence around the globe. With New Year’s round the corner, we foresee increased growth for Engati.

Alexa Rank

In the beginning of 2019, we started with an Alexa ranking at around 200,000. Currently, our ranking is up at 46,000, which is a great 77% improvement, and we are gauging progress with each passing day.

Global presence

Starting small, today we serve in 185+ countries around the world. We have our clients and partners from the United States, Europe, UAE, Australia and we aim at much more for New Year’s!

Engati White Label

White Label offers you the unique ability to start your own business or add more offerings at your current business through chatbots.

It is an excellent opportunity to increase your client-base, get further closures and generate more revenue.

In fact, we have successful White Label partners from all around the world, namely the Middle East, the United States, Australia, and more.

More about White Label

Accolades for Engati

Engati is recognised as one of the top chatbot building platforms around the globe. We receive frequent accolades from renowned tech blog sites that recommend the Engati bot platform to businesses.

We are highly grateful to honorary mentions and appreciation. It encourages us further to improve the user experience and bring more possibilities on our platform that our customers can engage with.

With this, New Year’s is definitely going to be better!

All Engati accolades


We write to impart knowledge and what we believe in. So, we created numerous blogs on AI, chatbot technology, customer experience, and more.

Here’s the list of our top 10 blogs of 2019 for you to check out.

5 Roles A Chatbot Can Play In Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment industry is growing faster than ever. Viewers want to constantly stay updated and subscribe to channels that interest them. They want information on their fingertips and they want it factual, real and fast.

Guess what’s making it possible for the Media & Entertainment industry to keep up with the growing demand? Chatbots!

We wrote a whole full-length article about it.

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Chatbot Marketing: 6 Reasons Why Chatbots Are A Great Marketing Tool

Businesses and marketers all around the globe have accepted and embraced chatbots as one of the greatest marketing tools.

They collect user information all at one single place and help you create follow-up campaigns. In a way, they aren’t just a phenomenal lead generation tool, but they help in lead acquisition, activation as well as retention.

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10 Killer Chatbot Features for Your Business — Engati Blog

A chatbot is as good as its features, and when we say killer features we mean features that will blow the minds of your customers.

Contextual conversations, easy integrations, smart responses, robust API… need we say more? We have actually.

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Enterprise Access Through Chatbots

Most of us have had some or the other form of experience with chatbots. We can perform various tasks in quick and easy steps with the chatbot technology.

Know more about the promising efforts of chatbots in enterprise.

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Conversations that take place between a human and a chatbot are distinct in styles. Humans usually use short phrases, short sentences, sometimes just a single word, or questions that sound like sentences.

Therefore, there is a need to talk about NLP implementations in chatbots.

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Why Customers Prefer Chatbots Over Travel Agents

Admit it or not, travel chatbots are more engaging, informative and fun than agents. At least when we train them to be.

Bots, any day, can give better recommendations, suggest travel plans and itineraries, suggest places to visit, ensure your bookings, etc. So, if you are running a travel company then it would be cost effective and easier for you to integrate with a chatbot.

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Education & Chatbot Technology | 6 Reasons To Believe In The Duo

Education and technology, doesn’t sound like an unusual duo or combo anymore.

With students being more comfortable with using technology while making decisions related to their education, the education sector must focus on embedding chatbots for admissions, student queries, course FAQs and more.

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How to give some context to your chatbot? — Engati Blog

Chatbots have come a long way since programmers built the first ever bot. They now understand context and respond in the way users want.

Therefore, bots understand meaning, different languages, etc, and it’s making users want to interact with them more.

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Voice Assistant Integration With A Mobile App

Enabling the voice feature in your chatbot would mean giving users the freedom to text as well as talk with your bot.

In fact, it is one of the most convenient features that you can integrate within your bot because users can go hands-free whenever they want.

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The idea of marketing through video content is not new. Interactions through entertaining yet informative videos is what users want today.

Moreover, plain text advertisement doesn’t attract users anymore. In fact, they haven’t attracted users in past years too. That’s why companies used to focus on bright, catchy advertisements that look appealing and urge the viewer to take a buying decision.

Now with technology in our hands, we can animate such graphics and advertisements to make them more engaging.

It is any day convenient to get information from a video rather than a plain text. Because you have to make an effort to read, you don’t have to make much effort while watching a video. That’s why we love movies!

So, here is one of the top and most trending videos that we have created in 2019 for Engati and we wish to see more in New Year’s time. It educates a new interested user to sign up and register with Engati, and get started at their own comfortable pace.

We have an entire series of 12 How-To videos that help users understand the bot platform and get started.

They give information about registrations, selecting an apt bot template for your business, using the Live chat feature, using paths, and more features.

Winding up!

The journey all this while has been incredibly mind-blowing. We wish the best for our customers in New Year’s and want to get better at how we provide a wholesome experience for them.

We aim for improved customer experience, more sales for our clients, greater conversion rate by incorporating smart features. 2020 definitely looks like a promising year and we want to build a connection that brings together businesses and customers through chatbots.

If you have enjoyed your journey with Engati so far and would like to share your experience, or know more about Engati, please share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

So, wishing you & your family a very happy and prosperous New Year’s!

Originally published at on December 30, 2019.

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