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Video interview of Dr. Andreas Maier on Machine Learning across Disciplines

As a recognized expert in machine learning, can you share with us thoughts on the state of machine learning? Its utility, and adoption in organizations?

How are chatbots adapting and growing with technologies such as computer science, ML, Deep learning?

Finding the sweet spot: an example

How do you imagine workplaces and businesses of tomorrow will leverage AI and automation technologies?

Tell us about the Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe. Do you think we are handling and collecting data to help us in the future?

Tell us about Artificial Intelligence for Reinventing European Healthcare. How much given that Europe has been at the epicenter of the Coronavirus? Do you think you would say it has changed since you worked on that project? And what do you think needs to be done in the future to handle such crisis situations and using AI for our benefit?

What are your views on GDPR and data security and privacy standards that are being setup in Europe? Do you believe it limits the spread of big data technologies?

You are a proponent of KnownOperatorLearning. A method that allows you to blend traditional techniques with Deep Learning. Can you elaborate and for the layman explain it a bit more?

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