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Claire Boscq Scott joins us on Engati CX to show us how to engage and motivate our employees. She also tells us how intrinsic motivation leads to extrinsic results.

Claire Boscq-Scott capitalized on 25 years’ experience gained in her hospitality career to set up her own company ‘The Busy Queen Bee Ltd in 2009.

She specializes in customer experience, business consultancy, mystery shopping, relationship marketing, and customer insight.

Claire has also launched networking opportunities and events across the Channel Islands.

In 2016, she published her book, Thrive with the Hive, a practical guide to delivering exceptional customer service.

Most recently, she has franchised her business model and successfully launched her first franchisee in Guernsey.

Intrinsic Motivation for Extrinsic Results — A video with Claire Boscq Scott

Intrinsic Motivation for Extrinsic Results

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Claire Boscq Scott. But, if you’d rather listen to the entire interview, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below the summary.

How important is Intrinsic motivation for employees and what can businesses do to foster it?

You’re intrinsically motivated when your motivation is not due to external factors. You’re internally motivated to do things. It’s something that you want because you’re doing it yourself.

You want such people in your team.

Having values and a vision is very important for your business because without them it will be really hard for employees to align themselves with you and be intrinsically motivated.

You need to recruit employees that are already passionate about what you’re doing and believe in it.

Another great way to foster this motivation is to have an employee experience promise. Tell them that you’re going to take care of them, you’re going to motivate them, you’re going to help them develop themselves. Now, they’ll be excited about it.

You need to train people for it too. You can learn to be intrinsically motivated too.

If you have people in your organization who are motivated from within, use them as a model for the others.

How could you improve the employee experiences so that they create better customer experiences?

It comes from the company culture.

You need to create a culture of motivation, a culture of creativity, and a culture where everyone wants to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Look at your strategies, look at your employees’ strategies, look at the environment in which your employees are working. Improve this and they’ll start creating better customer experiences.

Customer self-service with automation and AI from lead capture to customer service and retention, how do you see it play out in the future?

Suddenly, we’re in a situation where there is no face to face interaction.

Businesses are now looking for solutions to interact with their customers and ways to understand their needs.

AI and chatbots can really help you understand customers. But, AI needs to be used along with humans. It’s can’t completely replace human efforts.

The talk has drifted recently to a Unified Customer Experience or an omnichannel experience. What are your thoughts on this?

To delight your customers, you need to be there on the channels that they’re using.

Claire has 20 ways for her customers to connect with her. But, if you are unable to deliver great experiences on that channel, you need to remove it.

You need to have processes in place to support your customers on all these channels and map out the touchpoints for your customers. Figure out a way to connect every touchpoint to your customers on an emotional level.

Reach your customers on the channels they’re using

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Intrinsic Motivation for Extrinsic Results- A Spotify Podcast with Claire Boscq Scott

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We hope this helps you foster intrinsic motivation among your employees. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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