How to Use Chatbots as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Chatbots As The Most Effective Marketing Strategy in 2019

Here are a few purposes you can use bots for.

  • Create custom tools. The bot can perform any function: assistant, translator, guide, secretary, entertainer. FAQ — using the chatbot you can configure answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Alternative to an email newsletter. Now you do not need to make lists of separate mailings for different user groups. Understandable and straightforward teams will be able to provide users with answers to the most common questions. Also, the bot can inform about promotions and discounts intended for a specific audience.
  • Creation of social services. A bot can bring together people who are looking for an interlocutor based on a commonality or closeness of interests.
  • Create single and multi-player games. The bot can play chess and checkers, hold a quiz, etc.
  • Optimization of processes in the organization. It’s almost an analog of communication with a manager: you have dialogue branches, you can direct the user to the desired scenario. Inside the bot, this is easier to do than on the site, because you do not need to build a visual process. Another of the advantages of a button bot is that it works automatically, without a person on the other side.

The Ways & Reasons to Use Chatbots for Your Marketing Strategy




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