How to Use Chatbots as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Bots can take leading positions soon and by the end of 2019 will become part of one of the most important media channels in history — a channel of interpersonal communication. The reason for this optimism is that the bot’s functionality is extensive.

Chatbots As The Most Effective Marketing Strategy in 2019

A bot (short for robot) is a program that performs specific actions according to the script (algorithm) embedded in it with the ability to simulate a real conversation. The main advantage of chatbots is its ease. They do not need a large amount of memory, long installation, and configuration times.

The user will not need to open a browser or mobile application, go to the dialogue with the bot. A person interacts with his phone at least 50 times a day. Text messaging is the number 1 communication in the world.

Here are a few purposes you can use bots for.

  • Create custom tools. The bot can perform any function: assistant, translator, guide, secretary, entertainer. FAQ — using the chatbot you can configure answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Alternative to an email newsletter. Now you do not need to make lists of separate mailings for different user groups. Understandable and straightforward teams will be able to provide users with answers to the most common questions. Also, the bot can inform about promotions and discounts intended for a specific audience.
  • Creation of social services. A bot can bring together people who are looking for an interlocutor based on a commonality or closeness of interests.
  • Create single and multi-player games. The bot can play chess and checkers, hold a quiz, etc.
  • Optimization of processes in the organization. It’s almost an analog of communication with a manager: you have dialogue branches, you can direct the user to the desired scenario. Inside the bot, this is easier to do than on the site, because you do not need to build a visual process. Another of the advantages of a button bot is that it works automatically, without a person on the other side.

The Ways & Reasons to Use Chatbots for Your Marketing Strategy

Bots have not been trending until recently, so many of their capabilities are still being explored. But there are several ways to incorporate bots into your digital marketing right now.

Communication with website users

This is one of the most common and demanded actions performed by bots, which has a lot of advantages. When visitors come to the site, they need answers about products or services. If there are no answers, then visitors leave forever. Helping potential customers is a priority, but it can be difficult if you have small customer support and sales team.

This is where bots can be needed and saved. Set up the bot to simulate live chat and talk with customers. It may come as a surprise that customers like to chat.

Econsultancy found that 57% of users prefer chatting. In a survey conducted by Ubisend, half of the respondents preferred chatting over emails or phone calls. The bots give you a super-easy way to create a chat environment without the need for a dedicated sales team.

Lead Definition & Generation

All right. These bots can even determine leads for you. Lead management is often a headache. Leads need preparation for the purchase, and although the efforts are worth it, it is very exhausting. So why doesn’t the bot do this for you?

You can program a set of questions to determine at what stage the customer is in the sales funnel. This works surprisingly well, and often customers don’t even realize that they are talking to the bot. Since the chat looks very ordinary, users are happy to get involved in the conversation.

The best way to identify your potential leads is to use chat (with a live person), as well as bots. The bot will take on the tedious job of finding the right service or product for your potential lead. Then at some point, you or one of your representatives will appear and close the deal. It is incredibly easy to work with existing lead support strategies systematically.

Organize your team

When we say “marketing strategy,” we often think about things like SEO, Facebook Ads, and blog posts. Team performance does not usually come to mind, but it is one of the essential parts of every marketing strategy (unless you are a single entrepreneur).

There are always inevitable frictions in a team. If everyone is on the same wavelength, this will reduce the amount of resistance and help coordinated work. Bots like Standup Bot and Nikabot make the team more cohesive, especially if you have remote workers among you. These bots help keep track of what people on your team are doing and keep everyone informed.

The best projects that I have ever worked on are due to excellent communication within the team. Regardless of whether you are a large team or a small one, you should always focus on improving it.

Integrate bots into messenger platforms

That’s where they show themselves in all their glory. Chatbots are most popular on messaging platforms. And that makes a lot of sense. After all, most bots are designed to communicate with your customers.

In particular, many bots are available for Slack and Facebook Messenger. Bots are great for backstage company use. Facebook Messenger bots are best for potential customers.

Get a demographic and psychographic profile

You probably already realized that the bot can find out information about your customers. At the same time, your users will never feel that they are taking a lengthy survey or “swallowing” useless information. Everything is built like a normal conversation.

About half of the consumers surveyed (in several surveys) prefer messaging to other forms of communication. Therefore, it is quite natural that customers will be ready to talk with the bot for some time.

Some customers may be willing to talk to bots about sensitive information. For many, the chatbot provides a safe space or comfort zone.


Try using different bots for your marketing strategies, but don’t let them sink your marketing. Bots do amazing things, and I rejoice when I look into the future.

It’s incredible how far technology has gone over the past few years, especially in digital marketing. However, some things never change. Customers always want more experience. Even if everything is automated in the future, nothing will change the user’s need for an optimal experience.

Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at Adsy and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging. Follow her on Medium.

Originally published at on November 21, 2019.



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