How to drive business success and create marketing magic on WhatsApp

Why should you use WhatsApp for marketing?

What are the benefits of marketing on WhatsApp?

1. Stronger relationships with customers

2. Higher conversion rates

3. High engagement rate

4. Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

5. Privacy and security

6. Allows you to showcase your brand personality

What should you do before kicking off your WhatsApp marketing campaign?

1.Define your goals

2. Determine your target audience

3. Design a brand persona

5. Get the WhatsApp Business API

6. Craft your communication

How can you drive marketing campaigns on WhatsApp?

Product recommendations

2. Cross-selling and upselling

3. Lead generation

4. Broadcasts

5. Permission marketing

6. Promotional offers

7. Reminders

8. Analyzing campaign effectiveness

WhatsApp chatbot analytics

WhatsApp marketing best practices

1. Personalize your communications

2. Educate

3. Use automation

4. Integrate with your marketing systems

5. Keep tracking results

6. Get feedback

7. Use multimedia

8. Keep your profile updated

Can you even drive sales on WhatsApp?

How to generate word-of-mouth marketing via WhatsApp?



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