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  • Richard Hess

    Richard Hess

    Working on cool stuff with Cloud technologies... #NeverStopLearning

  • Oleg Chaevsky

    Oleg Chaevsky

    Cofounder of We make software for omnichannel communications and chatbot development.

  • AceBot

    AceBot, is a fully customizable conversational survey building tool that allows users to create and run conversational surveys

  • Niku


  • Nikita Tank

    Nikita Tank

    Looking for Full Time Opportunity as a Developer | Blog writer | Chatbot Developer | Software Developer | Self Motivated | Hardworking

  • Siddhartha Lahiri

    Siddhartha Lahiri

    Solution Architect and an avid learner

  • Prabhu Rajendran

    Prabhu Rajendran

    Technology Enthusiast, Design ,Code & Break;

  • Jeff Beeler

    Jeff Beeler

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