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Dennis Wakabayashi, who’s considered one of the Top 10 CX influencers worldwide, joined us on The Engati CX Show to talk about how empathy and collaboration lead to growth for your organization.

Dennis is the VP Customer Experience Solutions Delivery at RR Donnelley.

He’s ranked by Klear.com as a Top 10 CX influencer with over 50,000 followers. In May 2020 he was named one of the top 50 Customer Service (CX) Experts of the decade.

Dennis was included in the Top 40 over 40 Digital Marketers in the USA by Camapaign.us and serves as an advisory council member for the Adobe Experience League.

His mission is to unite brands and consumers through empathy, collaboration, and growth.

Empathy Collaboration and Growth — A video with Dennis Wakabayashi

Dennis Wakabayashi on empathy, collaboration and growth

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Dennis Wakabayashi. But, if you’d like to listen to the entire video, our Spotify podcast will be embedded below the summary.

Your mantra is “empathy, collaboration, and growth”. Can you share your thoughts on businesses that can work on this for them to succeed?

It all starts with empathy. Empathy then leads to collaboration. And now, these two come together and lead to growth.

It’s not just empathy for the customer, it’s empathy for the employee. It’s empathy for the citizens. And, it’s also empathy for the stakeholders.

All these people work together to deliver mutually beneficial experiences between brands and customers. When empathy and collaboration come together, you see financial growth. You also see growth in brand satisfaction.

How important is empathizing with customers? And how necessary will it become post the COVID crisis?

There have been some major shifts in customer behavior in this year.

Customers used to want to be happy and satisfied. Now, they prefer to be safe and secure.

So, it’s about creating a safe environment, protecting their well-being, and having a renewed sense of commitment towards their empathy towards their community and the citizens.

How can empathy, acting as a catalyst, help create great products and services which can be highly successful? What role AI and Tech can play?

We use AI to understand the voice of the customer at scale. It’s impossible for one person to process so much data on their own.

Dennis uses AI to look at existing customers through call center data, aggregate that information, and understand what the majority of customers in a particular area, demographic or challenge/friction point want.

Social listening is also important. AI can help brands understand what customers are saying about them at scale. They can also find out what customers are saying about their customers.

Customers don’t express themselves truly in surveys. But on social media, they’re not hiding anything. So, social listening can help brands understand what their customers really think.

What are the upcoming trends in CX, what role will conversational intelligence play in customer service?

Chatbots are really good at answering questions to which they already have a response ready.

But, it’s going to be really interesting when AI can answer questions to which there isn’t a fixed set of answers. It’s going to be interesting to see how Conversational AI can formulate new answers.

Right now, it’s important for chatbots to be able to send users over to live agents in a smooth fashion in situations where the query is too complex.

A lot of companies use chatbots which keep the customers stuck on them even if they don’t have an answer to their queries and that’s really frustrating. That’s where live-chat enabled chatbots like the ones from Engati come in.

They seamlessly transfer the user over to a live agent and even provide the agent with the history of the conversation between the user and the bot. This essentially saves the user the trouble of repeating everything they just said.

Treat your customers better

Engati’s live chat enabled chatbots will help save your customers a lot of time, energy and effort. So, it’s certainly time for you to give them a shot. Get started here.

Empathy, Collaboration & Growth- A Spotify Podcast with Dennis Wakabayashi

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We hope Dennis has helped you understand how empathy and collaboration can drive financial growth and increase brand satisfaction. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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