Easiest way to start a conversational AI company: Engati White Label

5 min readOct 19, 2020


So, you’ve seen the growth in the demand for chatbots and wanted to start your own conversational AI company? Or maybe you realized that offering chatbots would be a great way to expand your offerings.

But you didn’t want to waste time and money building your own platform. Well, you don’t need to.

Here’s a better option: partner up with us.

With Engati White Label, you get into the conversational AI business without trying to reinvent the wheel. And guess what, one of our partners just made a 3403% profit within a year of signing up with us.

Want to know how it works?

What’s Engati White Label all about?

Engati’s White Label solutions make it possible for you to get to a powerful chatbot platform, under your name, without putting in the effort to build it yourself.

That means you don’t need to spend time testing and finetuning your own platform. You directly get a platform that’s trusted across the world, with 30,000+ customers across 186 countries.

Herman Miller, IKEA Italy, the UK cabinet office, JanSport, Qatar Insurance Company and many others are already using Engati, so you know you’re getting the best platform there is.

And it’s more than just a chatbot platform. You even get to white label our advanced live chat module.

Let’s show you what our platforms are all about:

Engati Chatbot Platform

The Engati Chatbot Platform was built to make personalized conversations at scale easy. Our focus? Power and ease of use.

Here are some of the fantastic features you get with the Engati Chatbot Platform:

Supports 54 languages

With only 25% of netizens understanding English (and most of them as a second language), we realized that businesses need to provide support in the language their customers are most comfortable with.

So, our AI-powered chatbots can converse with users in 54 languages; including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hebrew.

14 deployment channels

An Engati chatbot can be used to serve customers on the channel they prefer. They can be deployed to serve and engage customers over 14 channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.

Conversation flow builder

We wanted to make it easy to build and deploy chatbots. So, our no-code chatbot platform has a drag and drop UI that makes building conversation flows a breeze.

Voice support

Customers can even have vocal conversations with Engati chatbots. Now customers can seek support even while multitasking.


We made it easier for customers to train their bots. They don’t need to manually upload FAQs anymore. All they have to do is upload a document to their bot and our DocuSense technology will parse through it and pull relevant answers to the questions.

Rich analytics

Our deep analytics help you understand your customer's needs to a greater extent.

Intent & Entity recognition

Our conversational AI pick recognized a variety of standard intents from date, location, time, and more and provides custom entity support

Extensive integrations

Engati has an advanced integration framework for JSON rest APIs with many OOB standard integrations.

Human takeover

You can transition seamlessly from bots to live agents handling conversations.

Engati LiveChat

The newly launched Engati LiveChat module goes far beyond our pre-existing LiveChat feature (now rebranded as human takeover)

Want to see what makes it so powerful?

Deployment over the website, mobile app, and 12 other channels

In addition to chatting over your website and mobile app, live agents can engage with customers over 12 other channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

One-view inbox

Your agents don’t need to switch through multiple channels to track conversations across them. All conversations are visible in the one-view inbox.

Conversation merging

Users try reaching businesses over multiple channels. You can now stitch all these conversations together and have context about them.

Conversations in 54 languages

Just like our chatbots, Engati LiveChat allows you to engage with your customers in 54 languages.

Contextual conversation routing

Intelligently route conversations based on the subject matter to the agent best suited to handle them. You can even route them to relevant agents based on language.

Ticketing & CRM integrations

Integrate Engati LiveChat with your CRM, ticketing system, and other enterprise systems.

Agent & team performance analytics

Dashboards to help you track team performance and manage remote support teams. Our analytics allow you to track average response times, SLA percentages, mode of resolution, etc.

What do you get with Engati White Label?

Here’s what you get when you start your conversational AI company by investing in Engati White Label:

Our platform, your branding

We built the platform. You get to brand it your way. Your logo, your colors, your name. We replace all our branding elements with yours.

Pricing control

You get to decide the pricing plans for your customers. You decide how much each plan costs and what features you wish to provide under that plan.

Exclusive support

You get exclusive access to our bot experts who support and guide you on your journey with Engati White Label.

Here’s what one of our White Label partners has to say about our support:

“Your team that I have been dealing with at Engati has been outstanding. They have made my job so much easier and the ability to think outside of the box in the creation of approaches is outstanding.”
— Graham Chee

Personalized training

Our experts even train your entire team on handling the chatbot platform as well as the live chat module.

Get a demo

Interested in starting your conversational AI company or expanding your offerings with Engati White Label? Reach out to us here!

Now you can also talk to our experts to know if on-premise chatbots or Chatbot on the cloud will help your business.

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