Customer Satisfaction Score: How happy are your customers?

What is Customer Satisfaction?

How is CSAT different from NPS and CES?



The differences

How do I measure CSAT?

  • Scale of 1–3: only responses of 3
  • Scale of 1–5: only responses of 4–5
  • Scale of 1–10: only responses of 7–10

Timing is everything

1. After key Customer Lifestyle moments

  1. Discovery

2. Before renewing

  1. Give customers enough time to come to an unbiased decision
  2. Give yourself enough time to act on their feedback

3. After Customer Support or Education Interactions

What does a good CSAT score look like?

Below are industry benchmarks for CSAT score:

- Apparel: 79

- Automobiles and Light Vehicles: 82

- Banks: 81

- Breweries: 85

- Cellular Telephones: 79

- Computer Software: 79

- Consumer Shipping: 78

- Credit Unions: 81

- Financial Advisors: 80

- Full-Service Restaurants: 81

- Hotels: 76

- Internet Retail: 80

- Internet Travel Services: 78

- Life Insurance: 80

- Specialty Retail Stores: 78

Improving CSAT


Choose your attitude


Make their day

Be present and pleasant

Criticisms of CSAT

Many customer experience experts love CSAT for:

  • Its simplicity
  • How the scale can vary based on context
  • The high response rate
  • How it can provide great insights throughout the customer journey


  1. What rating did I end up giving the pizzeria?
  2. How can I get started on my journey towards improving my CSAT score?



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