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In this episode of Engati CX, Dr. Robin Kiera, the CEO of shares the importance of Content Targeting.

Robin is the CEO of a Consulting & Marketing Agency, and they believe in the thought of “Making your customers come to you”. As a global top-ranked influencer and thought leader, Dr. Robin Kiera has been speaking on the biggest stages in finance, insurance, and beyond around the world. As “Rebel of the industry” Robin combines in-depth industry knowledge, sharp analysis, and thought-provoking arguments with a little bit of fun. His keynote talks regularly are rated the best talk of the conference.

Content Targeting — An Interview Robin Kiera

Content Targeting

The following section summarizes our interview with Dr. Kiera. But if you’re more of a listener, we’ve left the podcast below this section.

Growth hacking for Fintech and Insurtech. How does it actually work and what sort of consulting work do you provide?

The main idea is thinking about where your target group is- where are they spending their time? What Dr. Kiera finds is that regardless of industry, a lot of companies spend a lot of time, money, and effort in designing elaborate campaigns that no one sees. Why? They’re targeting the wrong media. And all the data in media usage show that this is a phenomenon around the world.

Certain media don’t have the same attention anymore, and others have.

And this is the case with a lot of startups as well. A lot of new businesses pouring their money into channels that do not work anymore. And then they’re surprised that there’s a problem in marketing. It’s all about where the attention is currently.

If you’re leading a B2B sales department — Make your brand so known in the market that every participant in the market thinks of you first when there’s a problem. And then they will call you when they have the moment of need. And this is the magical moment in sales because it’s better when the client calls you, than spending your time calling lists of clients.

In the end, it’s about providing valuable content in the channels where target groups are.

And it’s also a game of quantity. Think about how many messages of commercial advertisments you receive in a day. It’s 10,000. You see them everywhere — on books, on shoes, on the internet, when you walk down the street, etc. Over a month, that’s 300,000 messages and then you come out with your one blogpost a month, and you’re shocked that nobody sees them. It’s game of quantity.

So Dr. Kiera heavily recommends investing in a content team and to have a different philosophy. A lot of companies have a limited budget, and they like spending it on one big ad with some huge celebrity, etc. What would Dr. Kiera do? He would take that budget and spend it over creating say, 320 videos. And he means it. You need it to be highly individualized. If a young person comes to the homepage, then a young person in the video should talk to them. If it’s a silver surfer, then someone of a similar demographic. There are so many tricks to produce content and to distribute it to the channels where people are.

And final tip, when a new platform pops, Dr. Kiera’s main decision on whether or not to invest in that platform is when people start complaining about it. Because that is how Dr. Kiera knows when a media is about to pop.

Meeting Targets

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Content Targeting — A Spotify Podcast with Dr. Robin Kiera

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And finally, we talk about AI, Automation, and Conversational Intelligence- what role does it play in the insurance industry and customer service.

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