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Sarbjeet Johal, a brilliant cloud consultant, joined us on Engati Engage for a discussion on Cloud and Digital Transformation.

Sarbjeet Johal is recognized worldwide as a thought leader in Cloud and Digital Transformation.

He has extensive experience in Cloud Pre-Sales, Applications Rationalization and Cloud Migrations.

Sarbjeet has worked with more than 20+ Fortune 1000 companies in the last 15 years.

He even has quite a bit of experience in building organizations from scratch

A video of Sarbjeet Johal’s interview on Cloud and Digital Transformation

Do you think AI-driven customer service is given the importance it deserves by startups as compared to an established business?

There’s always a disconnect between a particular technology’s maturity and the level of adoption and consumption.

Sarbjeet says that the technology can be advanced, however, the potential customers may not be aware of it’s capabilities.

They don’t know what AI can do for them.

Sarbjeet says that,

“To out-compete your competition, you have to out-educate the market”

– Sarbjeet Johal

Sarbjeet says that vendors need to focus their attention on educating the market about AI’s capabilities.

(Keeping that in mind, here’s a quick article on how AI can improve your Customer Experience.)

There are a few verticals that adopt technologies fast than others.

The finance sector adopts technology faster than any other. But, takes much more time to adopt new technology.

With the on-going pandemic, what do you believe will be the new normal for the world of digital?

The longer the crisis stays on, the more normal it will be for us to work in a certain way. We will gain new habits and certain things will be considered acceptable.

We will rethink our supply chains. how we procure things and how much.

As a society, we will even rethink our household consumption patterns.

In the eduction sector, schools are struggling with inefficient technology. And that’s fine for a short period of time.

But if the crisis goes on longer, they will go on to procure new technologies.

Can you clear a few doubts that businesses have while contemplating going for a cloud solution?

At the end of the day, people are always considering the cost.

Economics drives most business decisions.

But, the vendor’s viability is also very important.

That’s why most businesses opt for the top 3 cloud vendors.

But the in-house skills-sets are also important. eg. If you’re Microsoft Shop, you’ll obviously pick Azure.

Another thing for organizations to consider is ‘who are you and what are you trying to accomplish?’

Are you a Fortune 500 company? Or are you a smaller company? Maybe you’re a Government Agency?

There’s different processes to pick different vendors.

It also depends on the number of applications. How much you want to shift to cloud.

It’s the Age of Application .

Some Misconceptions about cloud

There’s a lot of misconceptions about cloud.

Cloud is a very overloaded term.

There’s Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. And the line between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service is already pretty blurry.

On top of that, cloud doesn’t really have any standard units of measurement (UM).

A core at Amazon is not the same as a core at Oracle Cloud. It’s not too easy to compare prices for 2 different cloud offerings.

The biggest misconception is that people think that once you put something into the cloud, everything comes cloud provided.

And that’s not true.

Security is always your responsibility.

Cloud is less of a technology change, it’s more of a people and processes change. Click To Tweet

In the beginning, your people have to learn how to handle the new systems. The processes change.

And people and processes are always harder to change than technology.

What do you believe lies in the future of conversational intelligence? How is it going to change the world of customer service?

Conversational Intelligence should have a pretty good future.

Voice recognition is improving. People are beginning to understand different accents and dialects.

Machine Learning and AI algorithms are also improving.

Because of this, conversational intelligence is going to reach a whole new level.

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Cloud and Digital Transformation- A Spotify Podcast with Sarbjeet Johal

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