Best Technology Blogs to read before 2025

3 min readMay 20, 2022

Unlocking a treasure trove of data with chatbots
Data is currently scattered in most enterprises. Data scientists & developers are working on a common framework. Read on to learn how chatbots are helping!

How to discard tasks after timeouts with Redis keyspace notifications?
Here’s how to use Redis keyspace notifications events with spring boot to set up time-out mechanisms that discard tasks after surpassing the maximum wait time.

Component Based Architecture In AngularJs Using UI-Router
Most AngularJS apps are in a controller-view structure, but did you know that you could achieve better functionality when coupling components and UI-routers?

Unpacking Vector Databases: Everything you need to know
We have heard about SQL and no-SQL databases, like MySQL and MongoDB, and everyone knows about how they are used, but what about vector databases? Let’s explore

An introduction to Vector Search and the search algorithms used in a vector space.
Want to use vector search to look up images, texts, videos, and audios? Here’s an article that breaks down vector search and helps you get started with it.

Video calling and more come to Engati Live Chat
Your live chat + chatbot solution now comes with video calling, emailing, update notifications for your customers in browser tabs, and more. Learn all about it!

5 steps to building a Voice of the Customer strategy
The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is essentially the customers’ opinions on your organization, brand, offerings and the experiences you create for them.

5 steps to building a Voice of the Customer strategy
The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is essentially the customers’ opinions on your organization, brand, offerings and the the experiences you create for them.

7 ways pharmacies benefit from using a chatbot
Chatbots can help pharmacies with accurate data on the go, fasten the process of finding solutions to medical problems, track patient history, etc. Check it now

What are Chatbots? How do Chatbots work? Top 10 applications
An AI chatbot is a software to automate conversations with your customers via your website & apps like WhatsApp & Instagram. Learn how smart chatbots work here!

What are NFTs? What do you need to know about non-fungible tokens?
Wondering what NFTs are? Confused whether it’s the future of digital art or just a short-lived fad? Curious about whether NFTs can go beyond digital art?

What Empathy and Trust got to do with profit?
Take a look at the four elements necessary in building a long-term relationship that converts into value for your customers and profit to your organization.

Crypto for Noobs | What’s cryptocurrency all about?
Cryptocurrency is a digital system that makes it possible for anyone to send and receive payments without relying on banks to verify the transactions.

What is customer science? Is this the next wave of change?
Colin Shaw introduces you to an exciting and promising new idea with lots of potential. See how customer science can help you understand your clients throughly.

What is customer success? Does it drive revenue for your business?
Customer success isn’t just a fancier term for customer service. It has major differences and has a significant impact on your customer experience and revenue.

What is digital transformation all about?
Digital Transformation is now critical for the success & survival of your business. Check this out to learn what it is and what benefits you can gain from it.

What is Digital Trust and why it’s important.
Digital Trust is what enables customers and business owners alike, to carry out transactions in a way that is secure, and ethical for all parties involved.

Distributed caching — what is it and how does it work?
Distributed caching features application servers spread across several Virtual Machines (VMs) or even geographies. Read this article to learn how it works!

What is live chat? 11 reasons why you need live chat now!
Live-Chat is the future of customer service. It’s a way of communicating with your customers in real-time and answering all their questions without delay.

Into the metaverse: What is it?
Metaverse is a hyper-realistic virtual world in which people are represented by avatars and can interact with each other, hold meetings and many more.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Advantages and applications
Robotic Process Automation software is designed to reduce the burden of repetitive, simple tasks on employees. Let’s learn more about the RPA technology.