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Why Are Chatbots Useful for Lead Generation?

The single biggest advantage that chatbots offer is that they are and conversational. This makes conversations with the audience feel seamless and reduces the chances of boring them.

What’s more?

You can integrate chatbots across a variety of channels. Be it social media, your app, or even your website, you can have chatbots everywhere. This makes it easy to grow your reach as well.

Ways to Build a Lead Generation Funnel Through Chatbots

Here are some ways through which you can create a lead generation funnel using chatbots.

1. Attract and Connect with Your Audience

The first step in building your lead generation funnel is by attracting and connecting with your target audience. This step can’t be done completely through the chatbot.

2. Engage the Lead

Once you’ve got a way to contact the lead, you need to engage the lead to improve the chances of them becoming conversions. Also, having only the contact details is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to qualify the lead before it can be of any use to you.

3. Ask Qualifying Questions

Once you’ve engaged the lead, you can start asking them qualifying questions. Chatbots make this process easier as they can ask the questions in a conversational manner rather than the lead having to fill out long forms.

What does this do?

When you add buttons for the responses, all the lead needs to do is click on the buttons. This saves them the effort of having to type out the answers. It’s a win-win situation, really, as you’ll get consistent data without varying answers and spellings.

4. Add the Data to Your CRM

Once you’ve segmented your leads into different categories and collected their information, you need to add that data to your CRM or a spreadsheet.

5. Set Up Human Takeovers

When you’re segmenting the leads, you might find some enterprise leads which may need special attention from your end.

Final Thoughts

While chatbots are revolutionizing the customer service industry, they can do a lot more than that. You can leverage their engaging nature to generate leads for your business and get more conversions.



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