30 LinkedIn Top Voices In Tech

The technology market share is just increasing like an oil spill in the ocean and becoming more and more complex and overwhelming to cope with.

To help you learn and understand the ever-changing landscape of technology, we are extending a list of 30 Top LinkedIn Voice in Technology. Comprising the array of powerful thought leaders, tech advocates, entrepreneurs, authors, tech evangelists, data scientists & keynote speakers around the globe.‍

Allie K. Miller


Allie is the Global Head of Machine Learning Business Development, Startups, and Venture Capital at Amazon Web Service (AWS). Her area of expertise includes AI, Machine Learning, Crypto, Web3 & NFTs.

Emmanuel Nduka


Emmanuel is an undergraduate student of Chemical Engineering, named as the Young Influencer of the year by TIBA. He’s a storyteller, brand influencer, brand ambassador at Hashgreed, and an Intern at NETCO.

Stephanie Llamas


Stephanie is the Founder and Chief Metaverse Analyst at VoxPop, which is the leading research and strategy firm specialising in the Metaverse. She’s an industry thought leader on XR + Metaverse, research & strategy expert, keynote speaker, and advisor‍s.‍

Martin Harbech


Martin is the Group Director at Meta (former Facebook), and works across Meta’s entire family of apps and services — from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger to Portal, Workplace, Oculus, and Horizon.


Lavinia D. Osbourne


‍Lavinia is the Founder of Crypto Kweens NFT Marketplace and Host & Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks. She’s a Blockchain, Fintech & Welltech specialist, consultant, and thought leader.

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