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Twitter Marketing Specialist, Keith Keller joined us for today’s episode of Engati Engage. We spoke about content marketing and he told us of his 3 pillars of content marketing!

Keith Keller is regarded as a Global Twitter Marketing Specialist and now has clients around the world.

He is well known internationally for his knowledge and creation of Twitter marketing strategies.

Keith is also a popular speaker on the subject of Social Media (especially Twitter) and has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars, and webinars across many countries.

3 Pillars of Content Marketing- A video with Keith Keller

Pillars of Content Marketing

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Keith Keller on the pillars of content marketing. But, if you’d rather listen to him yourself, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below.

With businesses moving towards digital, how much importance will content marketing and social media gain?

There’s 2 ideas here

Content Marketing and Social Media are both were important.

Content Marketing is the concept of putting out information that people want to know and build trust around the idea that you are the expert.

It’s the opposite of TV advertisements which force your product down the audience’s throats. It comes up during a program and is an interruption. It’s interruptive marketing and it can very easily annoy your audience.

But with content marketing, you’re giving them value which they want; at a time and place of their choice.

Content Marketing is very powerful because it’s all about building trust .

Social media is one of the channels that lets you share this content.

Now that most people are home and have time to consume content, what kind of content should small businesses focus on creating to keep the business going?

Keith says that VIDEO is really taking off right now.

About 40%-50% of people say that they prefer consuming videos.

Companies need to find some way to produce video content.

It’s even more valuable when the videos have an actual person featured in them. Because that inspires trust. We tend to be more trusting when we can see a face.

But, if you don’t want to put your face on a video, you can still do a PODCAST . It’s not as powerful as a video because they can’t see you.

But, at least they can hear your voice , and that’s better than nothing.

Podcasts do have their own advantages too. People can listen to them while multitasking.

You can’t watch a video while cooking, driving or even walking your dog. But you can listen to a podcast.

Blogging is also a great idea. People love to read. Especially because they can skim through it.

The most important thing to remember is that people are busy. They have a life. So, you need to create digestible content. Content that they can go through faster.

Businesses that are really succeeding are the ones creating content around the 3 Es.

Content that’s Entertaining.

Content that’s Empowering .

And content that’s Educational .

How are AI and social media working together to help countries fight the war against COVID-19?

A lot of people are considering working for themselves. But when they start doing that, they realize that they’ve got a lot of work to do .

AI has tools for that.

If you’ve been interviewed once, you want to know how to make it a video, a podcast and a blog.

So there’s AI tools to make a transcript of your video file and you can just plug it into WordPress. And Voila- you’ve got a blog.

It’s got tools tools to take the audio and make a podcast out of it.

AI is really convenient. It saves a whole lot of time. Tweet This!

Building a brand can be tough. What is the process you typically follow to ‘Crack The Twitter Code’ when you help customers build their first business on Twitter?

Businesses really got to decide on a few key channels. Keith decided that he wanted to be ‘The Twitter Guy’.

And so he found his niche and eventually ended up writing a book called ‘Crack The Twitter Code’.

Another important thing is that you have to take the lead. Be proactive.

Don’t wait for people to reach out to you. Take the lead and reach out to them.

Following people back is also very important. Share the love.

Now, start engaging with these people. Follow up. Start a conversation . Just DM someone.

Podcasts have become a new medium of brand promotion. What sets them apart from other means of promotion?

In 2020, podcasts represent 20% of the population.

Podcasting fills a very specific gap. It lets people engage with your content while performing monotonous tasks. It can give them something to do while doing something boring.

Podcasts give you people’s attention when they’re doing something they don’t really care about. So, you know that you got their attention.

It’s also very powerful for people who love to talk, but are shy about showing their face.

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Engati Engage

Hope you gained a lot of value from our interview about the 3 Pillars of Content Marketing. Engati Engage will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Keith Keller

Watch Keith Keller work his magic on Twitter. And don’t shy off, connect and start a conversation with him on LinkedIn too.

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